About Us

We are a group of foodies trying to create Authentic Recipes which have been cooked, improvised and relished by Indian cooks & Food lovers in their houses.

Things have been changed in last few decades. We have access to variety of cuisines across the globe now. We are experiencing fusion of Indian cuisines with variety of global cuisines. But we are not taking initiatives to preserve, teach and enrich our home-grown recipes. Gradually We are spending less time in cooking. As a result our next generation might not get a chance to relish these foods.

RecipeSocially is a collaborative platform to document & preserve existing Household recipes , create & improvise new recipes.

Currently we are focusing on documenting recipes. Once we reach 200 recipes we are going to revamp our website and launch the recipe collaboration platform.

Here are few features of our recipes which makes us different than others.

  1. Every recipes posted here has been cooked multiple times by us. We have improvised every time we tried it.
  2. In this process of cooking we took pictures of the food being prepared. So every picture posted here is genuine and taken by us.
  3. Watch out this space for more upcoming features.




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