Ei Samay used RecipeSocially image without author’s permission

Every recipes posted here has been cooked multiple times by us. We have improvised every time we tried it. In this process of cooking we took pictures of the food being prepared. So every picture posted here is genuine and taken by us.

One of our recipe post was about Doi Ilish by Shonali Debnath. She cooked it, took photographs and several of us were lucky enough to enjoy the cuisine in real. So we hosted it in our blog RecipeSocially on 7th March , 2014. Here is the photograph taken by Shonali Debnath.


surprisingly on 14th June, 2015, Ei Samay posted on their fb timeline a recipe of Anaros Ilish which uses above mentioned photo in its thumbnail. Ei Samay used our photo without giving due credit to the legal owner of the photograph( Shonali Debnath).  Here is a screenshot of their fb wall..

ei-samay-image-theft      10014572_10153346830638363_2224412852601979473_n

I was curious to know how did they access our photograph.. So i did a simple google search with Ilish recipe or Hilsa recipe. I see the following result. It appears in first page of google search results.



Then i tried Google Reverse Image Search to Check whether any one else also using our Image. Here are the results:

google image search

First 3 entries found in Google Search By Image, points to a blog where our image was used and they mentioned source and given proper credit. And the remaining 2 entries from our blog. Google even listed down the date we used this image for the first time.

Lesson Learnt from these incidents -

  1. We started displaying copyright information in our blog.
  2. We started displaying License information in our blog that you cant use our images for free.
  3. We are going to add watermarks in our images.
  4. We are researching on how we can take legal actions against these kind of piracy.